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How to learn and improve English

English often referred to as a global language is the widely spoken language in this world
15th July ,2007
English is a widely spoken language across the world. Do you have the desire to learn and improve English and need help on how to get started on improving English and learning English? Article Links
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Because English is so widely spoken, it has often been referred to as a "global language". While English is not an official language in many countries, it is currently the language most often taught as a second language around the world.

Many people across the globe are taught subjects in their vernacular language. This at times becomes a problem when people try to learn English or try to interact with people who mainly speak English. This not only impacts the time taken to learn English but also has an overall impact on pronunciations.

There are some of us who despite graduating from an English School are not up to mark with spoken and written English. Many reasons are attributed to this viz. not paying much attention to the English language, as the primary language used at home is not English and speaking with friends in one’s own mother tongue.

Following are the ways in which you can help yourself to learn and improve English

1. Read as much as possible
Reading is the first step to help you on your journey towards improving and learning English. Read as much, whenever and wherever possible. Start with reading the section of the daily newspaper that you like the most. If you are interested in the sports section, then start with reading that. Slowly you will gain interests in reading other sections of the newspaper as well.

Subscribing to a magazine of your interest area will also help you. If you like reading about celebrities then subscribe to a magazine that provides such information. If you like reading about the latest trends in the IT industry then subscribe to a magazine that provides this information. Go ahead and subscribe to the article of your interest area.

Make a point to read at least one book in a month. You could read any book; novels, self help material, business books, subject books, etc.

Reading billboards also helps, as guys from the creative field create some of the best marketing messages and copies that I have ever read. This will help you in improving your vocabulary.

While reading you will encounter some words which you do not understand at all, in such cases you should underline such words and find its meaning using a dictionary and add it in your vocabulary log (more about this ahead in this article).

Looking up the meaning of a word on the Internet is very easy. Visit www.google.com and type in define:word. For example you need to find the meaning of “intuition”, then visit www.google.com and type define:intuition (without any space in between).

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